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Add a Site - Conditions of Inclusion

All Teacher Websites only indexes teacher websites.

Current Participating Sites:

To be listed, the site must link back to www.allteacherwebsites.com using the referral link provided. Only the top referring sites will be listed.

When will I be listed?
At random intervals we will evaluate the top referring sites and add/remove sites so that we always keep the top referring sites in our listings. Sites will be added and removed without notice. Sites that are removed will still be tracked for referral traffic, so reinclusion will occur automatically if traffic referred meets minimum requirements for any period.

Why do you say "only the top referring sites will be listed"?
This is intended to be a collaborative search engine. This means if you send traffic, you will be listed, and you will receive traffic. Website owners who sign up, but never place our link on their pages (or places it in a place nobody will ever see) will not be sending traffic that other websites could benefit from, and therefore should not receive traffic from sites who actively participate. That is why they are not listed.

Will I my ranking be higher if I send more traffic?
Sites that are listed are ranked by search relavence, so being included in our search listings doesn't necessarily mean you will rank high for any given keywords - BUT, due to the nature of our search engine, your competition for ranking on a search term is limited to the sites being listed. For example, Google lists millions of websites (high keyword competition), we only list a select set of websites so you have a much better chance of ranking better!

What pages of my site will be indexed if I participate?
We use Google search results, but only the results of participating sites. This means that if Google is indexing your pages, those same pages will be in our index - but with a lot less competing sites!

Why not just send my traffic to a 'top-sites' ranking engine?
You can. But the benefit to being listed in All Teacher Websites is that we index more than just your homepage. The users sent to your site will find exactly what they are looking for - ranking style sites may not give the user the information they need - or force the user to search through pages to find the information they are looking for - if they stay.

How do you track referrals?
We provide you with a unique referring link to send traffic to our site. We currently use Google Analytics to track users referred by those links, and manually add/remove links based on those logs. We plan to automate this process in the near future.

How do I get my referral link?
Just click the link below, and fill out the information to get your unique link.

Click here when you have read the above conditions of inclusion, then fill out the form below.

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